Egg-Shell Prestige 12WKT

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egg shell
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elektronkový integrovaný zesilovač v jednočinné třídě A - 2 x 12 W

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elektronkový integrovaný zesilovač v jednočinné třídě A - 2 x 12 W

Egg-Shell Prestige 12WKT is an integrated single-ended amplifier with a output power of 12 watts per channel in pure class A. It uses KT88 power tubes, one per channel in triode mode. The reviewed unit was equipped with tubes made by Sovtek. The power supply uses one tube - GZ34 JJ double rectifier diode. In the terminology of models, the letter "T" describes the fact that we are dealing with tube power supply. The preamp is the same as in the top model of the company - Prestige 20WK. In each channel, one double triode 6SN7 and one pentode EF86 were used - both made by Electro-Harmonix. The construction doesn't use a feedback loop, and the bias is adapted to the tubes permanently by a resistor cathode. Transformers are and wound by hand in Poland. Thick transformer cores are composed of annealed plaques with a thickness of 0.3 mm, which according to Encore Seven has a positive effect on sound performance and heat. The transformers are mounted on rubber feet isolating them from the chassis in order to reduce vibration. Inside we don't find printed circuit boards - it's a classic, manual construction with point-to-point connections. The device is equipped with Jamicon, Samyoung, and Pilkor capacitors, capable of operating in temperatures up to 105 degrees. With the 4-position input switch, the manufacturer gained complete signal isolation between the selected sockets. The motorized Alps potentiometer is also worth mentioning.